Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who are today's learners

Christine Greenhow's "who are today's learners" was a short article on the youth of today's perspective of technology use. She explains that kids are looking and expecting teachers to use technology in their teaching more, " Students imagine new uses of technology in school more creative, interactive, and media oriented like at their home and future real life scenario setting" (Greenhow) Article is trying to persuade teachers and educators to use and apply modern technology to their teachings. The use of technology in the class room can maximize your time and efforts. I can see myself using tech ology in my classroom. Having a class website that informs them of the lessons in that unit, upcoming trips and a board for comments from students and parents. I also want to use a camera to record scrimmages and practices to help aid student learning in sport related education. I am also wanting to use heart rate monitors to determine a students activity based on their own effort and not outcome. In her article she is trying to convince all teachers to use all 5 of the nets-s. She wants the students to be competent in technology, understand the dos and do nots, and to be creative and utilize technology to it's full potential. I see how Greenhow is communicating that students today will be able to grasp technology whether they come from rich or poor homes. Students will pick it up when taught. I see that this article is a big push for students to be competent in the use of computers, and more specifically the Internet. " On the country, that students from rural, or low income school districts showed little significance differences with their computer use at home." (Greenhow) I also got from this article that she was trying to bring awareness to teachers that students want more technology use in the classroom. " They wanted more technology learning in school, as more entertaining, than traditional academic learning in school. (Greenhow) As a teacher we must engage and prepare the students by using technology in and out of our classrooms.

Referance: Greenhow, C. (2008). In Who are todays learners. Retrieved June 16, 2011

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