Saturday, August 6, 2011

From Watching Newsreels to Making Videos

From Watching Newsreels to Making Videos
The author of this article wrote this to show the ability of watching and making videos has on learning. The author states “showing a video, a reflective teacher will discuss with students the difference between watching as a casual viewer and watching as a scholar. You may also explain to students the learning purpose of the video.” (Hammond) The teacher has the responsibility to teach the students on how beneficial this video is and how to watch it. The teacher, in my opinion, should have some sort of assessment to the video watched or made. This will promote the maximum amount of learning from this experience. Quote, “The most powerful way to immerse students in critical thinking using digital video is to engage them in student authorship—that is, creating video.” (Hammond) He wants present and future educators to promote this style of learning to their classrooms. He writes that there are many benefits to the student’s learning from composing their own documentary or motion picture of a specific topic.
I would use this sort of video watching and making method every unit in p.e. I see the benefit in doing this a lot. I would have some groups make safety videos, others education videos, and others strategies of the game videos. This will really allow for the students to demonstrate their affective and cognitive learning of the unit/sport. There would be a rubric that the students would have and be graded on. I see this as a fun project that gets the students playing and really understanding the sport. When they can teach the sport, they are really learning the sport. I plan to use this style of movie making and video analyzing a lot in my P.E. classroom.
In conclusion the author states, “As you design your own activities with digital video, keep in mind the options available to you, and observe the ways the technology interacts with the content and pedagogy to make your instruction more powerful.” (Hammond) Using this method of video recording is a great tool to use in your class regardless of the subject. Keep looking into more ways that technology could benefit your classroom.
I believe this fulfills every net-s by demonstrating online safety with posting the videos. Demonstrates technological creativity, invent fullness, and responsibility.
Hammond, T. C., & Lee, J. (2009). From watching newsreels to making videos. Learning & Leading with Technology, 36(8), 32-33.

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  1. Your plan to implement digital video technology in teaching and learning sounds good. I like the idea of student authorship. They use video as a means for communicating their understanding and sharing their ideas. I think making videos can encourage students to think through a concept, an event, or a set of skills and urge them to explain their interpretation in a way that other people can understand. It's a different kind of learning and calls for a different mode of teaching.