Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grow your own personal learning network

This article was written to pursued and educate others on the benefits of increasing ones own PLN (personal learning network). Quote, "PLNs open up sources of information that were not even available a few years ago, and continually evolving technologies are making it easier to capture and tame the resulting information overload." (Warlick) He wanted to educate individuals on ways of making the internets vast information databases more manageable. Ways to use google and other search engines more effective. Use other web2.0 services to gather information. He gave an example of writing the article in a coffee shop, and using twitter to see if he could receive any additional information about sites that aid in gathering information on a specific subject, which he received very promptly.

I could see myself use my own PLN in teaching my physical education class, by setting up a RSS feed for my students would provide them resources and podcasts that pertain to the subject matter that we are going over in that particular unit. I also could set up a diigo or delicious account for my class. Something like a discussion board for them to use to reflex on that day's lesson, take quizzes, and do assignments that are web based. Using PLNs like twitter and Facebook could open up ways for students to post daily reflections on. This way every one had to make one post and one comment on another's post. This would increase learning and satisfy several nets-s. With the advancements in mobile devices they could have this done before they even get home. Facebook assignments would allow them to add pictures and videos to there postings. I could make one Facebook account for the entire class to use where they could do their posting ons and send me messages, and also turn in individual assignments to me. We could have a research assignment on a specific sport or activity and the students would have to write a paper and add photos and videos of them performing the sport individually or in groups. This assignment goes beyond the traditional pen and paper assignment, and makes it enjoyable and engaging for the students.


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  1. You said that Warlick "wanted to educate individuals on ways of making the internets vast information databases more manageable." I found it interesting. We all know that there is too much information on the Internet. Warlick thought PLN could be a way to manage the information?

    I still found too much information on my PLN. Many posts and tweets from the people I'm following and the Ning groups I'm in are not quite relevant to me. I think locating personally useful information is still a huge challenge even in PLNs.