Monday, July 18, 2011

Harness the Power of Technology

Harness the Power of Technology
The author wrote this article to persuade present and future educators to tap into the resources of technology more. He wants educators to use technology to its full potential when teaching students. “Technology can pace instruction based on each student’s needs, so that a student having trouble with a mathematical concept can get remediation at the same time that an advanced student moves on to higher concepts.” (Duncan) Technology allows a teacher to personalize assignments to their students by enhancing that student’s ability to learn in whatever way he or she learns best. there are pictures, articles, podcast, videos, and prac ap assignments. This allows the student to pick visual, hearing, doing, reading, whatever way they feel best to learn.
The author writes, “By using the NETS for students, administrators, and teachers, you become the leaders in your schools and districts, working with colleagues to help them master new methods of teaching with technologies that they may be afraid of using.” (Duncan) Using all the net-s in your lessons will improve the student’s availability to be more creative with technology as they go through school and eventually go out in today’s workforce. Quote, “The ability to work, innovate, and be productive using technology is essential for professionals in almost every sector.” (Duncan)
There was not much in the article about exactly what do, so that makes it difficult to say exactly how I would apply this information to my future classroom. One thing he did say was that teachers in a school or even district can be trend setters, ground breakers. He ask that the teachers that are reading this article to become those ground breakers for technology in their school. I can see myself doing that in my p.e. classroom since p.e. is probably the classroom that is under using technology the most.
This article was written for the purpose of motivating and encouraging teachers to utilize technologies full potential in the classroom. That technology is proven to enhance and better student learning. Find new ways that technology can better the teacher and the students. Be ground breakers for their schools in the field of utilizing technology in their classrooms. This is an article to help push educators to adapt to the new wave of technology for the students sakes. In today’s 21st century workforce, employees are going to have to have these technology innovating skills to be competitive.
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  1. Hi Tony, It sounds to me like the author is saying that technology can help to differentiate instruction which is a big deal to the general and special education teachers of America. We are always looking for ways to meet the needs of our diverse groups of students. I think that this point will help to "sell" technology to our teachers. However, I do think that schools do need trendsetters who can lead the way of technology and share with others what to do and how to do it. I think that would be awesome if you were the trendsetter at your site. If a P.E. teacher can find a way to use technology to teach his students, then all of the teachers should be able to.

    Lynne Dudas

  2. Tony,
    It sounds like a great idea to try and use all of this technology in the classroom to be able to help engage students and prepare them for jobs that will require these skills. However, it seems like the author makes it sound like every school has the funds to be able to support the technology. In reality. this is not the case. Also, what about the students who do not own a computer or can afford to by a computer? That puts them at a disadvantage compared to the rest of their peers. I know that the school that my mom works at, some of her students do not have access to technology outside of school. So, to me it seems unfair to those students. I would like to see the research on proving that a good teacher and using technology will inhnace student learning. I like your idea of trying to implement technology into the PE department because there is not much technology involved. What technology would you like to implement into your PE program?